Passion Station is founded by Raymond Marty Victorino, a YRocker who believed that we are created for greatness. He was inspired by his church mates who are very passionate in what they do. They are Meriam Baidaingo (A co-worker and leader in Backdrop Ministry), John Paolo Pacumbaba (A member of YRock Movers who are dancing for the Lord), and Joy Marie Reyes (A campus missionary who has a very compassionate heart to save souls for God). He was deeply moved on how they work and give their best in the ministry with a big smile in their faces. He just realized that it was because of their passion that drives them to perform gracefully.

Passion Station is a blog spot that will help everyone to discover what we really want to do with our God-given life, what can make us happy without noticing it, and most especially, what will be the reward when we pursue our passion.